Avtospetsprom LLC is the first and largest manufacturer of ambulances in Ukraine.

The enterprise started its activity in 2012. At present, the capacities of Avtospetsprom LLC allow production of up to 100 units of ambulances per month, as well as special transport, including vehicles for transportation of people with disabilities, mobile dispensaries, etc.

The company is a leading supplier of such products for both state and private medical institutions of Ukraine, non-governmental and international organizations.

Ambulances are manufactured in types A1, A2, B and C on the Citroën, Peugeot and Mercedes chassis in accordance with State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU) 7032, which, in turn, conforms to the European standard DIN EN 1789 (Medical vehicles and their equipment - Road ambulances). In addition, the rules of subgroup WP.29 (World Forum for Harmonization of Rules for Vehicles of the European Economic Commission for Europe) are taken into account.

Quality control of products is carried out in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (Quality management for medical devices).

Avtospetsprom LLC is the only enterprise in Ukraine that receives a certificate of the State Automobile Transport Research and Design Institute for each transport unit produced. In addition, the company's products have been approved and registered with the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drug Control and have a declaration of compliance with the technical regulation for medical devices (according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 753 of October 2, 2013).

Avtospetsprom LLC has its own design department, which constantly works to improve the ergonomics, reliability and comfort of ambulances for both doctors (paramedics) and patients. As the basis of the interior, the company uses a monolithic fiberglass wall, which has a higher resistance to damage and is stronger than the ABS plastic base.

The company has produced more than 2,000 ambulances of all types.


More than 100 experienced employees

The Avtospetsprom LLC team has about 100 employees, the majority of whom are highly professional technicians with extensive experience in the automotive industry. The administrative part of the staff makes up only 8%. About 12% of the company's employees are engaged in engineering and design work.

Kyrylo Komorkin

Deputy Director

Victoria Kulik

Head of Commercial Department

Oksana Ilieva

Standardization and Quality Engineer

Yuriy Chudinovich

Design Engineer


Avtospetsprom LLC delivered vehicles of proper quality and in due time. Ambulances have good performance features, are equipped with an ergonomic and comfortable medical salon that combines functionality and reliability.

Odessa Regional Center of Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine

Avtospetsprom LLC has fully fulfilled its obligations in accordance with the contract - timely delivered ambulance vehicles of proper quality and quantity. TMO "Center for emergency and disaster medicine" in the Kirovograd region recommends "Avtospetsprom" as a reliable and responsible supplier.

Emergency and Disaster Medicine Center in Kirovohrad region

Avtospetsprom LLC has fully fulfilled its obligations in accordance with the contract - delivered on time ambulance vehicles of the proper quality and quantity, provided all necessary supporting documents.


Operation of ambulance vehicles manufactured by Avtospetsprom LLC makes it possible to greatly facilitate the work of health workers, allows to organize and carry out medical processes at a high medical level that meets the requirements of medical staff.

EMC "Center for emergency medical care and disaster medicine" in Kharkiv region

Avtospetsprom is the most customer-oriented and modern manufacturer among Ukrainian suppliers, being in one league with European manufacturers.

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